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Exploring evidence and values
in global food systems debates


NEW event: Plating up the future of meat

Image of a burger

Setting the Table for COP27: Plating up the future of meat

What the future of meat should look like is a deeply personal and contested affair. How much and what types of meat should we eat, and how should the meat we eat be produced?

To explore these questions in more detail, please join TABLE for a panel discussion bringing together four key thinkers and researchers who will each tackle one of the four scenarios identified in Meat: The Four Futures. Register for this event


NEW Blog post by George Cusworth

A flyer advertising a new blog by George Cusworth called "Notes from the Field - livestock animals in rural Romania." The background image is a photograph of a pig grazing in an agroforestry system in Romania. The TABLE logo is in the corner of the flyer.

Notes from the field - livestock animals in rural Romania

After visiting Romania, George Cusworth reflects on the challenges facing Romania's subsistence peasant farmers, whose traditional agricultural practices support rich, biodiverse landscapes but who are increasingly under threat from financial pressures and external interests.


NEW Blog post by Rebecca Sanders

New blog: Use, Misuse and Abuse - a vet reflects on animal exploitation - by Rebecca Sanders

Use, Misuse and Abuse - a vet reflects on animal exploitation

After six years as a meat industry veterinarian in New Zealand, Rebecca Sanders' growing concerns about the ethical and environmental implications of the meat industry prompted a radical change in trajectory and transition towards sustainable agricultural research.

NEW Explainer: What is rewilding?

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In this new TABLE explainer - Rewilding and its implications for agriculture - we explore how and why people disagree about rewilding, compare its various definitions, and consider how the rewilding debate ties in with different visions for the future of food.

Read the explainerListen to the podcast interview with explainer co-author Walter Fraanje.

Walter_Fraanje's avatar
  October 03, 2022 - 10:42
  What are your thoughts on rewilding?

A few weeks ago we published a new explainer about rewilding, authored by our director Tara Garnett and me. As rewilding is a topic of much discussion and people approach the topic in very different…
Beth_Bell's avatar
  September 29, 2022 - 10:12
  5 Oct - The Business of Food Citizenship - panel discussion

Join us at Omved Gardens, or online, as we talk to Jon Alexander, Signe Johansen and Albert Tucker about how retailers, restaurants, food brands and producers can play their part in building fairer…
Sophie_H's avatar
  September 28, 2022 - 16:22
  Setting the Table for COP27: Carbon sequesterers or climate trashers? What role for grazing ruminants in a 1.5°C world?

Changing Ecosystems/Rewilding/Ecosystem “baselines”/Land use change This is the most informative chart that shows how grazing land expansion is balanced against forests overtime. The world has lost…