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FCRN and Table publications

FCRN (Food Climate Research Network) published numerous reports, briefings, workshop summaries, and press releases over the last 10 years on different topics in food systems sustainability.

protein1 Working paper: Identifying civil society’s research priorities on sustainable livestock…
Food Climate Research Network (FCRN), Livestock Environment and People (LEAP), Eating Better…
21 Apr 2020
Plating up progress Investor Briefing: Plating up Progress Part 2
Food Foundation, Food Climate Research Network (FCRN)
05 Sep 2019
Plating up progress Investor briefing: Plating up Progress Part 1
Food Foundation, Food Climate Research Network (FCRN)
08 Jul 2019
Grazed and Confused Grazed and Confused
Tara Garnett, Cécile Godde, Adrian Muller
01 Oct 2017
Metrics for sustainable healthy diets Metrics for sustainable healthy diets: why, what how?
Harriet Bartlett, Tara Garnett
08 Dec 2016
Lean mean green obscene Lean, green, mean, obscene…? What is efficiency? And is it sustainable?
Tara Garnett, Elin Röös, David Little
18 Sep 2015