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Birds eye view photo of a combine harvester harvesting corn for silage.

Power in the food system: what’s powering the future of protein?

Protein is a ubiquitous topic in discussions of the food system right now, and one of the key concerns at the heart of many disagreements about protein and its environmental, health, and ethical implications is power. What is power, who has it, who ought to have more or less of it, and which forms of power are desirable or acceptable? In this project starting in 2022, we explore the role of power in the food system with a special focus on protein.

icon showing two people engaged in a tug of war with the caption "Power: Who controls protein's future?"

Meat: the four futures podcast

What we eat, and don't eat, isn't just a scientific question - it's an emotional and ethical one. In this podcast from TABLE, coming out in 2023, we speak with CEOs, civil society, food producers and scientists from across the world to unpack the promises and pitfalls of the different possible futures of meat.

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What scale for the food system?

Through a series of dialogues and discussions with food systems stakeholders throughout 2021, TABLE explored the theme of ‘scale’ in the food system.

icon showing the earth from space with a magnifying glass examining one small area; the caption reads "Scale project: The global-local debate"