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Exploring evidence and values
in global food systems debates

Letterbox on Rewilding

A flyer advertising the publication of a new edition of the Table letterbox series featuring David Williams and Benedict Dempsey & Alec Taylor on rewilding in the UK. The background is a green metal letterbox set into a brick wall.


Letterbox: How will UK rewilding affect global biodiversity?

Rewilding, with its promise to bring back some wildness to landscapes, is attracting both excitement and controversy in the UK. But could rewilding in the UK simply cause more damage to biodiversity elsewhere? David Williams (University of Leeds) and Benedict Dempsey and Alec Taylor (WWF) discuss.

Urban agriculture in Barcelona

A flyer advertising a new blog from TABLE titled "Urban agriculture in and around Barcelona: Why and how?" by Haley Parzonko. The background is the flor de Barcelona tile pattern with a small plant sprouting in between the tiles.


Urban agriculture in and around Barcelona: why and how?

The Metropolitan Area of Barcelona is a microcosm of the current international movement towards increasing urban food self-sufficiency, with the aim of promoting both supply chain resilience and social justice. In this blog post, Haley Parzonko reflects on the challenges and opportunities facing the urban agriculture movement in and around Barcelona.


Podcast with Jason Clay

Jason Clay


Podcast: Jason Clay on "Building and flying the plane as we go"

Jason Clay is the Executive Director of the Markets Institute at World Wildlife Fund. He comes with decades of unique experiences and a big picture view of global food systems. In our conversation we ask him how power needs to be shifted to transform the food system, what the future looks like for small farmers, and whether we should be intensifying agriculture and sparing land or extensifying agricultural production and sharing land with nature. Jason Clay also shares ideas around how to increase transparency for consumers, improve farmers livelihoods, and urgently scale up systems level solutions.

For full show notes and transcript, visit here.
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Essay on Food Aid

New essay: Food aid, structural reforms or empowerment in Southern Africa, by Dr Rejoice Chipuriro


Essay: Aid, structural reforms or empowerment: Assessing diverse interventions to abate food crises in Southern Africa

Food insecurity in Africa is one of the continent’s major challenges, exacerbated by the ongoing climate crisis. In this essay, Dr Rejoice Chipuriro reflects on different types of food aid programmes across several countries in Southern Africa. She contrasts short-term food relief with approaches intended to promote longer-term food system resilience, discussing the importance of incorporating local values and knowledge systems.