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Exploring evidence and values
in global food systems debates

NEW Explainer: What is rewilding?

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In this new TABLE explainer - Rewilding and its implications for agriculture - we explore how and why people disagree about rewilding, compare its various definitions, and consider how the rewilding debate ties in with different visions for the future of food.

Read the explainerListen to the podcast interview with explainer co-author Walter Fraanje.

NEW Podcast: What is rewilding?


In this episode with TABLE staff member Walter Fraanje, we discuss how rewilding is understood and practiced in different ways across the world, how does rewilding differ from conservation, why might a farmer or fisher support or oppose rewilding, and what does it mean to rewild your imagination?

For full show notes and transcript, visit here.

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NEW Event: Setting the Table for COP27

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Setting the Table for COP27: Does methane from livestock matter?

COP26 saw the launch of the Global Methane Pledge and since then 121 nations have signed up to it, thereby agreeing to reduce their methane emissions by 30% by 2030. With the food system being one the largest anthropogenic source of methane – even more so than oil and gas – efforts to honour this pledge will likely have implications for how agriculture is practiced; and potentially for what we eat.

To explore this issue, join TABLE for a panel discussion on 28 September at 5.30pm BST with leading thinkers and researcher for this next event in the run up to COP27. Visit here for more info and to register for the event.


What is ecomodernism?

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In a new TABLE explainer - What is ecomodernism? - we explore the philosophy of ecomodernism, which believes that it is both possible and desirable to live in material prosperity while protecting nature at the same time.

Read the explainerListen to the podcast interview with explainer author Helen Breewood. Watch the webinar recording.