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Protein meaning maps: contribute your own!

If you'd like to contribute your own protein meaning map, you're in the right place! We welcome contributions, whether representing different countries, specific communities or demographics, professional or sectoral perspectives, or even your own personal view.

To contribute a map, you will need to send us four things:

  • a filled-in spreadsheet listing all the nodes in your map: these are nutrients like 'protein', foodstuffs like 'cheese' or 'carne-de-sól', concepts like 'health', 'strength' and 'cruelty', or physical phenomena associated with food production like 'livestock farming'
  • a filled-in spreadsheet listing all the edges in your map: these are the connections between the nodes, encoding identity ('cheese' is a form of 'protein'), consequence ('fertiliser' results in 'CO2 emissions') and connotation ('milk' is associated with 'youth')
  • a short introductory text explaining some of your thinking and the background to your diagram
  • and a short author bio

Templates for the two spreadsheets can be downloaded here. Send queries, requests for assistance, or completed contributions to Tamsin.

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