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Campaigners win the right to challenge the UK government for failing to cut consumption of meat and dairy products

Glass of spilt milk. Photo by Anita Jankovic via Unsplash

The food system campaigners Feedback have won an appeal to challenge the legality of the UK’s Food Strategy, which was published by the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs in June 2022. The campaigners argue that the strategy is unlawful for failing to take into account duties to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The Food Strategy will now be subject to a full judicial review, which if successful could lead to a redraft with obligations to radically reduce the consumption of meat and dairy products in the UK.

Note, the UK Food Strategy is not to be confused with the National Food Strategy.  The National Food Strategy is an independent review of England’s entire food system published in 2021; it was commissioned by the UK Government and tasked with making recommendations for the Government to consider.


Read the full article here.

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