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American national competitiveness and the future of meat

American national competitiveness and the future of meat

This report, produced jointly by the Good Food Institute and the Breakthrough Institute, argues that the United States should attempt to take the lead in the rapidly developing alternative proteins sector, including cellular agriculture. It frames the move towards alternative proteins as being driven not just by technological developments and investment, but also by increased consumer demand for protein coupled with public concerns about health and sustainability. As we note in the TABLE explainer What is ecomodernism?, the ecomodernism movement (of which the Breakthrough Institute is part) tends not to seek to actively influence consumption patterns but rather seeks to meet demand sustainably.

Read the full report, American National Competitiveness & the Future of Meat, here (GFI website), here (Breakthrough Institute website) or here (PDF link). See also the TABLE explainer What is a healthy sustainable eating pattern?

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