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Winging it: UK chicken consumption driving deforestation

This report from environmental campaign group Greenpeace UK examines how chicken consumption in the UK is linked to deforestation, through production of soy for animal feed. It sets out the “soya footprint” of supermarkets, fast food outlets and manufacturers, although figures are not available in all cases.

The report claims that 90% of soybeans are used as animal feed in meat and dairy production. Note that the Foodsource building block Soy: food, feed, and land use change estimates that around 77% of soybeans are used as animal feed: 7% in the form of whole beans, and 70% in the form of soybean cake (a co-product of soy oil production).

Read the full report, Winging it: how the UK’s chicken habit is fuelling the climate and nature emergency, here. See also the Foodsource building block What is feed-food competition?

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