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What is the safe operating space for EU livestock?

This report by the RISE Foundation (Rural Investment Support for Europe), co-authored by FCRN member Elisabet Nadeu, outlines the environmental and health impacts of livestock production and consumption in the EU. The report suggests that there is a “safe operating space” for livestock production, defined at the lower bound by the provision of nutrition to humans and the maintenance of permanent pasture habitats, and defined at the upper boundary by climate impacts and nitrogen and phosphorus emissions.

The report concludes that EU livestock production is currently above the upper boundaries for climate impacts and nutrient emissions, and offers suggestions to modify both livestock production and consumption.

Read more here, download the executive summary here (PDF link) and download the full report here (PD link). See also the Foodsource resource Focus: the difficult livestock issue and the paper Defining a land boundary for sustainable livestock consumption.

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