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Making finance work for food

This report from the Finance for Biodiversity Initiative (F4B) examines how finance and capital can be redirected to support the transition to a healthy, sustainable and inclusive food system. F4B has also provided an extensive literature review on the interactions between finance and food.

The report identifies four levers through which food and finance can be aligned:

  1. Improve market efficiency by internalising the cost of impacts to nature and climate.
  2. Direct innovative finance solutions, including some public finance, towards encouraging forms of farming that are beneficial for health, climate and nature.
  3. Use policy and public finance to protect and support those whose livelihoods may be affected by the food systems transition, for example by providing technology, skills development and capital to support ownership of regenerative and soilless food production.
  4. Encourage citizen action, such as adopting more sustainable diets, or seeking to influence how their savings, pensions and taxes are used.

Read the full report, Making Finance Work for Food: Financing the Transition to a Sustainable Food System, here or here (PDF link). Read the Food-Finance Nexus Literature Review here (PDF link). See also the TABLE report Plating up Progress.

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16 Sep 2021
Making finance work for food
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