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Fixing the system: dealing with plastic pollution

This report from the UK think tank Green Alliance argues that the problem of plastic pollution cannot be solved by simply replacing plastic with alternative materials - instead, a system-wide transition to a circular economy is required, prioritising safety, sustainability and efficiency. The report focuses on the UK’s culture of single-use packaging.

The report recommends using a hierarchy for types of plastic recycling to keep material circulating at its highest possible quality: mechanical recycling (which uses relatively little energy), followed by chemical depolymerisation and then thermal cracking. The report also discusses the proposed tax on plastic packaging with less than 30% recycled content.

Read the full report, Fixing the system: Why a circular economy for all materials is the only way to solve the plastic problem, here (PDF link). See also the video Imke de Boer - Circular agriculture, a good idea? in the Foodsource video library.

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