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Eating Better Policy Briefing

Eating Better, an alliance of organisations advocating for ‘less and better’ meat consumption, has launched its policy recommendations to promote healthy sustainable diets.


In helping people, farmers and food companies make the shift, Eating Better says there is a key role for governments to think about all the levers, incentives and nudges that could help create the cultural and economic shifts necessary to make our food system fairer, greener and healthier.

They are now therefore calling on policy makers in the UK, devolved administrations and EU to:

  • Publish and promote new official guidelines on healthy sustainable diets that include advice on eating less and better meat;
  • Introduce clear and mandatory procurement standards for sustainable healthy food for schools, hospitals, government departments, prisons etc;
  • Support and encourage farming that produces meat in ways that benefit the environment, health and animal welfare and provides a fair return for farmers.
  • Ensure that Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) reform delivers a European Healthy Sustainable Food & Farming Policy.

You can read the policy briefing here.

Eating Better recently gave an interview on the FCRN website which you can read here

Note that the FCRN recently ran a workshop on shifting consumption towards healthier and more sustainable diets.  You can read the workshop powerpoints (including one by Eating Better’s Sue Dibb) as well as an FCRN briefing paper on the issues here.

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