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Dissecting meat marketing narratives

Dissected report cover

This report from Greenpeace Denmark identifies seven “myths” used in marketing materials from large meat companies. It assesses the imagery commonly used with each of the seven narratives using examples of real adverts, and argues that meat advertising should be regulated more closely.

The seven “myths” are:

  1. ‘Meat is part of the climate solution, not the problem’
  2. ‘Meat is good for you’
  3. ‘Eating (red) meat makes you more of a man’
  4. ‘Good women prepare and serve meat to their family’
  5. ‘Eating meat is a patriotic act’
  6. ‘Eating meat brings people together’
  7. ‘Eating meat is about freedom and choice’

Read the full report, Dissected: The 7 myths of Big Meat’s marketing, here or here (PDF link). See also the TABLE explainer What can be done to shift eating patterns in healthier, more sustainable directions? which includes an overview of what influences our food consumption patterns.

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