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The aquaculture sustainability of UK supermarkets

This report from UK food waste NGO Feedback and the Changing Markets Foundation assesses ten UK supermarkets on their aquaculture supply chain policies and practices, particularly regarding the use of wild fish as feed for farmed fish. Seven out of ten supermarkets scored less than 30%, with ALDI performing worst at 12% and Tesco performing best at 60%. The report finds that aquaculture operations for UK supermarkets consumed 2.5 times as much wild fish as the amount of farmed fish produced.

The figure below shows the scores of the ten supermarkets against a set of criteria including corporate policies on sustainable aquaculture feed, investment in developing alternative feeds, publishing data on quantity of farmed fish sold and wild fish used as feed, providing information on farmed fish suppliers, and clearly labelling fish according to production method.

Supermarket scores

Read the full report, Caught Out: How UK retailers are tackling the use of wild fish in their aquaculture supply chains, here. See also the Foodsource resource How do food systems affect fish stocks and marine habitats? and the Feedback report Fishy Business: The Scottish salmon industry’s hidden appetite for wild fish and land.

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