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What is rewilding? (rebroadcast)

Episode summary

Rebroadcast from September 2022.

Imagine a world where nature reclaims its place in the landscape.  What would that mean for food systems? Walter Fraanje joins Feed co-hosts to talk about his new publication, "Rewilding and its implications for agriculture" co-authored with Tara Garnett.  The explainer introduces the concept of rewilding, compares different rewilding strategies across the globe, explores their relationship with agriculture and unpacks some of the related controversies. We ask Walter how does rewilding differ from conservation, why might a farmer or fisher support or be against rewilding, and what does it mean to rewild your imagination?

Read the full explainer: Rewilding and its implications for agriculture

[ Transcript available ]

About Walter Fraanje

Walter Fraanje is policy advisor in the Mininistry of Agriculture in the Dutch government. He works on the national programme on rural areas. He was formerly a Research and Communications Officer at TABLE and holds an MSc in Environmental Policy from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and a BA in Philosophy and a BSc in Industrial Engineering and Management from the University of Groningen. 

He has written explainers for TABLE and the Food Climate Research Network on Soy: food, feed and land us change (2020), What is ultra-processed food? And why do people disagree about its utility as a concept? (2019), What is the land-sparing-sharing continuum? (2018) and What is food security? (2018)

As an environmental sociologist, Walter is interested in sustainable consumption studies and social and political questions underlying food system sustainability. He aims to understand if and how changes in people’s day-to-day lifestyles and (collaborative) consumption practices can contribute to sustainable development.


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