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Ep6: Jamie Lorimer on the Probiotic Planet

Episode summary

In this conversation with environmental geographer Jamie Lorimer, we discuss different ways of conceptualizing scale; how ideas of scalability, globalization, and homogenization have shaped food and other systems; and how the tiniest of actors, microbes, can potentially have huge impacts on these systems.

[ Transcript available ]

About Jamie Lorimer

Jamie is an environmental geographer whose research examines the production of environmental knowledge, and how this knowledge comes to shape the world around us. He focuses on powerful understandings of nature and their consequences for human and nonhuman life across different spatial scales. Past projects have examined human relations with a range of organisms - from elephants to hookworms - and policy domains - including conservation, health and agriculture. He combines concepts and approaches from more-than-human geography with those from science studies, using ethnographic, participatory and historical methods. His research has been funded by the ESRC, The British Academy and the Wellcome Trust, amongst other sources.


Background reading and resources

The Probiotic Planet: Using Life to Manage Life

LEAP Project

TABLE explainer: What is the land sparing-sharing continuum?

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