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Educational Resources

Building on our predecessor the Food Climate Research Network, TABLE brings over 15 years of work on food systems issues and a large community of academics, civil society, industry and policy makers.  We offer free accessible peer-reviewed resources that are used in courses around the world.

TABLE Explainers

Explainers are short, peer-reviewed introductions to concepts that are important for understanding food systems and food sustainability. Some examples include:


The cover of the TABLE explainer "What is food sovereignty?" by Rachel Calile, Matthew Kessler, and Tara Garnett.

To ensure a fair and accurate depiction of contentious topics or debates, explainers are reviewed by at least 4 experts who hold a range of differing viewpoints.


Online discussion platform

We welcome students, researchers and educators to engage in discussions with a wide range of food systems stakeholders. This is a space to ask questions and start discussions. Some topics include:

A screenshot of the community platform list of conversation threads.

FEED Podcast

Debates about the future of food have become more polarised than ever - and little attention is paid to why people hold genuinely different beliefs. This podcast aims to fill this gap by exploring the evidence, worldviews, and values that people bring to global food system debates.

Season 1 - Globalization and scale in the food system

Season 2 - Power in the food system

A screenshot of the podcast player playing the Jason Clay episode of the Feed Podcast


TABLE is beginning to produce interactive visuals that map out the dynamic positions or assumptions built into contentious food systems debates. See the visual below reflecting some of the differences between the Regenerative, Agroecology, and Organic movements.

A diagram produced by Table that shows the overlapping and contasting traits of Regenerative, Organic and Agroecology movements.

To find out more about TABLE's work, and for answers to questions such as 'What is the food system? What is the difference between food sovereignty and food security? How is the food system contributing to greenhouse gases and so to climate change?' please check out our FAQs.


Please get in touch with or if you’d like to discuss ideas to integrate TABLE into your educational curriculum or collaborate with us on workshops or events.


You might also be interested in checking out our food systems glossary.