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Ep32: Blain Snipstal on "Battling plantation agriculture today"

Episode summary

Blain Snipstal, former youth advocate for La Via Campesina, has thought a lot about power. In our chat we talk about how Blain sees the legacy of the plantation model of agriculture still lingering today; we discuss how the dialogues and exchanges between peasant farmers can uncover a deep analysis of the food system; and he shares some of his many experiences as a farmer, an activist, and an organizer. We also touch on the power of collaborating across grassroots movements and whose knowledge counts in food debates.

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About Blain Snipstal

Blain Snipstal is the founder, designer and lead builder for Earth-Bound Building. Blain has a long history in farming and land-based organizing both domestic and internationally. Blain is a dedicated craftsman, and member of the Timber Framer's Guild.

Blain is a part of the Black Dirt Farm Collective, which is a regional organizing body providing strategic gatherings and trainings around Black agrarianism, agroecology, political formation, forestry and more throughout the mid-Atlantic.


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