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WWF publishes the new and updated Livewell Plates along with report ‘Eating for 2 degrees’

Recognising that changing what people eat can make a major contribution to the environmental performance of the food system, the new and updated Livewell Plates in this report illustrate the minimal dietary changes required to reach the 2 °C climate target. The report presents simple steps – such as eating more plants, legumes and grains –  that could help cut food-related greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030.

The figure below shows the difference between the current make-up of a British adult diet and that of the recommended diet.

To read the full report, see here.

For the FCRN summary of the 2011 Livewell report, see here. A summary for the 2013 version for France, Sweden and Spain is here.

For coverage on the release of the current report, see, Sustainable Brands, and Footprint.

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13 Jul 2017