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WRAP: Compostable plastic packaging guidance

UK waste charity WRAP has published guidance on compostable plastic packaging, aimed at retailers and manufacturers. The guidance covers what compostable plastics are, how they might contaminate conventional plastic recycling processes, how to label them appropriately to help people dispose of them, and six applications where compostable plastic packaging is likely to be beneficial within the UK’s current waste management infrastructure.

The six applications are:

  1. Food caddy liners (for collection of compostable waste) and bags for loose fruit and vegetables
  2. Stickers on fruit and vegetables
  3. Tea bags
  4. Coffee pods for coffee machines
  5. Ready meal trays (which could then be composted even when traces of food remain on them)
  6. Closed loop situations such as at festivals or within individual buildings (e.g. coffee shops)

Read the full report, Considerations for compostable plastic packaging, here. See also the Foodsource resource How important is storage and packaging?


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