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UNFSS Member State Dialogues Synthesis

 Food Systems Summit 2021 Dialogues: Member State Dialogues Synthesis Report 1

This report from the United Nations Food Systems Summit synthesises the results of preparatory dialogues held by 11 UN Member States, as of 13 April 2021. The dialogues are designed to bring together a range of stakeholders in national food systems to discuss the issues faced by governments in promoting sustainable food.

The Member States included in this report are Bangladesh, Finland, Guatemala, Honduras, Kuwait, Nigeria, Sweden, Switzerland, the United States of America, Cambodia and Japan.

Cross-cutting themes considered by the Member State dialogues include:

  • Inequalities in many aspects of food systems.
  • Environmental degradation caused by food systems.
  • The need for comprehensive, disaggregated information across all elements of food systems.

Member State dialogues have so far been considering the following objectives:

  • Access to safe and nutritious food for all, including focusing on food quality, developing options for healthy and sustainable diets, providing better information on nutrition, and enabling vulnerable groups to access nutritious food.
  • A shift to sustainable consumption patterns, including providing consumers with accurate information on healthy options, and addressing perceptions that healthy diets are expensive.
  • Boosting nature-positive production, but with a recognition that improving access to food may sometimes outweigh the need to address environmental considerations.
  • Advancing equitable livelihoods, such as by supporting smallholders in accessing markets by improving storage and transport infrastructure.
  • Building resilience to vulnerabilities and stresses such as weather and disease, particularly for marginalised groups and smaller producers.

Read the full report, Food Systems Summit 2021 Dialogues: Member State Dialogues Synthesis Report 1, here. See also the TABLE explainer An overview of food system challenges.

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