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UK supermarket reporting on nutrition

This report from the Dutch non-profit Access to Nutrition Foundation and UK charity ShareAction analyses the extent to which the 10 largest supermarket chains are reporting their progress on diet, nutrition and health. It finds that current levels of disclosure are sparse and varied between stores, with no store reporting on more than 35% of the indicators assessed in this report. Sainsbury’s supermarket has the greatest extent of reporting.

The report looks at indicators under the following themes:

  • Governance, management and reporting on financial results
  • Nutrient profiling
  • Product formulation
  • In-store promotion
  • Responsible marketing
  • Labelling
  • Engagement with stakeholders and policymakers
  • Infant and young child nutrition

Read the full report, UK Supermarket Spotlight: A review of the 10 largest UK food retailers’ disclosure on nutrition, diets and health, here or here (PDF link). See also the Foodsource building block What is malnutrition?

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