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Tesco: A balanced diet for a better future

Tesco report cover

UK supermarket Tesco and the British Nutrition Foundation have produced this report, which outlines recommendations for a healthy, sustainable diet. It uses the UK government’s Eatwell Guide as the basis for discussion and lists ways in which Tesco will encourage its customers to eat differently, including a “Healthy Choice” logo, reformulating products, committing to a 300% increase in meat alternative sales by 2025, and tackling food waste.

Although the report does not appear to set a target for reductions in meat sales by Tesco, it suggests that some customers may wish to reconsider the level of meat they eat - particularly red and processed meat - to better align with the Eatwell diet. It recommends eating no more than 70g a day of red and processed meat, and cutting down on all meat intake - red and white - for environmental reasons. It suggests that meat can be partially replaced with beans and lentils.

For more on the environmental impacts of the Eatwell Guide, see Table’s summary of the paper Health impacts and environmental footprints of diets that meet the Eatwell Guide recommendations: analyses of multiple UK studies. See also the research library items Tesco aims to increase meat replacement sales by 300% - which includes a discussion of what Tesco means by “meat alternatives” - and Tesco and WWF to collaborate on sustainable food.

Read the full report, A balanced diet for a better future, here. See also the Table explainer What can be done to shift eating patterns in healthier, more sustainable directions?

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