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Tesco aims to increase meat replacement sales by 300%

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In collaboration with WWF, the UK supermarket Tesco has announced a target of increasing sales of plant-based meat alternatives by 300% by 2025, relative to a 2018 baseline. To meet this goal, Tesco plans to introduce new plant-based products, try to keep prices affordable, work with suppliers to encourage innovation and display meat replacements alongside their animal-based equivalent.

It isn’t clear whether the target only applies to direct analogues of meat products, such as vegan sausages, or also to relatively unprocessed plant-based proteins such as beans and nuts. Tesco’s announcement also makes no mention of whether Tesco aims to cut meat sales. The announcement does not state how much of the plant-based sales increase has already been achieved since the 2018 baseline. 

Media coverage of the announcement includes:

Read Tesco’s announcement here. See also the Table explainer What can be done to shift eating patterns in healthier, more sustainable directions?

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