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Sustainable Food Systems: How does the UK measure up?

In this report the Food Ethics Council asked experts to look at the UK’s position on a number of issues in the Food Sustainability Index (created by the Barilla Center for Food & Nutrition Foundation) and to state how, in their view, the country could do better.

Areas in which the UK performed well are:

  • Quality of R&D and innovation
  • Quality of animal welfare regulation
  • Policies to address food losses,
  • Initiatives to recycle water for agricultural use
  • The degree of property rights protection
  • Prevalence of undernourishment
  • Relatively low rates of micronutrient deficiency (vitamin A)

Areas in which they were outperformed by other countries are:

  • Childhood obesity (the UK ranks 20th out of 25 in terms of prevalence of overweight in
    2-18 year olds.)
  • Participation of youth in farming (the UK comes bottom of the table, 25th out of 25)
  • Serious issues around biodiversity loss driven by the UK population’s eating habits
  • Lack of diversity in the UK’s food system in terms of food and farming business types and sizes

To read more and to download the report, see this webpage

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13 Jul 2017
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