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Snapshot – UK sustainable food systems in the spotlight

In this report, the Food Ethics Council analyses the 2018 Food Sustainability Index (view interactive graphics here), which ranked the UK 16th out of 28 European Union countries and 24th out of 67 countries when averaged across a range of food sustainability indicators.

The reports notes that that UK performs well on the quality of policies to address food loss, compulsory nutrition education and quality of animal welfare regulation. However, the UK performs relatively poorly on other measures including the prevalence of overnourishment, number of people per fast food restaurant, greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture, diversification of the agricultural system, participation rate of youth in farming, and working conditions.

In conclusion, the report calls for a “bold and integrated food strategy”.

Read the full report here. See also the Foodsource chapter Food systems and greenhouse gas emissions and read about the FCRN’s project on food sustainability metrics here: Plating up Progress?

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