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Serving Better: A guide for local authorities

Serving Better: A guide for local authorities

This report from UK NGO Eating Better offers guidance for local authorities on how to source and serve healthier, more sustainable meals, for example in schools. It focuses on meat and dairy and proposes a 25% reduction in the amount of meat (of all types) and dairy served by local authorities, as well as sourcing 25% of meat and dairy served from “better” production systems. “Better” in this case means farming that uses lower levels of antibiotics, emphasises local feed sources and promotes animal welfare. The higher costs of “better” meat and dairy can be offset by increased use of vegetables and plant protein.

Read the full report, Serving Better: every meal counts in a climate and nature emergency - A guide for local authorities on sustainable and healthy food procurement, here or here (PDF link) and view the accompanying six-minute video here. See also the TABLE explainer What can be done to shift eating patterns in healthier, more sustainable directions?

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