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Salt content of vegan and plant-based restaurant meals

This report from UK campaign group Action on Salt finds that three-fifths of plant-based restaurant meals and two-fifths of plant-based food options in fast food outlets and coffee chains contain 3 grams of salt or more - half of an adult’s daily recommended salt intake. The report argues that consumers should have access to healthier plant-based options, particularly since the public tends to perceive vegan food as healthy.

This report does not compare the salt levels of plant-based foods to those of meat-based dishes. However, Action on Salt has previously found that meat-free burgers have higher salt levels (on average) than beef burgers, at 0.89g versus 0.75g per portion.

Read the full report, Salt content of vegan and plant-based meals served in the out of home sector, here or here (PDF link). See also the Foodsource resource What are the global challenges for nutrition?

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