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Policy briefing: CAP - 11 ways to deliver for better health

The European Public Health Alliance has published a policy briefing outlining 11 ways in which the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) could promote public health.

The 11 policy proposals are:

  1. Minimise antibiotics use
  2. Contribute to clean air
  3. Support healthy diets
  4. Phase out health-incompatible subsidies                       
  5. Address socio-economic inequalities                       
  6. Promote safe and decent work                           
  7. Contribute to climate change mitigation                       
  8. Advance the planet's health                           
  9. Limit pesticides use                   
  10. Ensure sufficient, safe and nutritious food               
  11. Create a policy framework for impact and inclusion

Read the full report, “CAP: 11 Ways to Deliver for Better Health”, here. See also the Foodsource resource How are food systems and health connected and influenced?

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