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The opportunities of agri-carbon markets

The opportunities of agri-carbon markets

This report from London-based think tank the Green Alliance reviews the evidence on how carbon can be sequestered on working farms and the challenges that must be addressed if such sequestration is to be incorporated into markets for carbon credits.

The report’s recommendations are:

  • Companies that use agricultural products should help farmers to reduce emissions on their farms, with verified carbon sequestration credits optionally being used to balance emissions that cannot be reduced directly.
  • Strong standards should be developed for agri-carbon sequestration, covering issues such as additionality, leakage, permanence, measurement and verification. 
  • Agri-carbon offsetting should be used to offset UK-based emissions only, to avoid reducing the country’s capacity to meet net zero targets.

Read the full report, The opportunities of agri-carbon markets: policy and practice, here. See also the TABLE explainer Food systems and greenhouse gas emissions and our report Grazed and Confused.

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