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Online knowledge platform for sustainable food value chains

FAO has launched a new online platform, which provides access to resources on developing sustainable food value chains (SFVC).

The goal is for SFVC development to provide a flexible framework to improve food systems, reducing poverty and hunger in a sustainable manner.  FAO’s platform will include:

A library of resources on SFVC development and closely related topics, where one can download the most relevant handbooks, tools, case studies, etc.

  • News and events section
  • A training and learning centre, with a wide range of materials for many different training and learning situations.
  • A members area, enabling users to participate by commenting on publications, tools and training materials, engage with fellow members, subscribe to the e-newsletter, etc.

The FAO is now also looking for contributions from those with experience in developing SFVC. You can send them your publication or other materials to:

Read more about the new knowledge platform here.

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