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Krill fishing is harming Antarctic ecosystems

This report from the UK Changing Markets Foundation investigates the impacts of krill fishing in the Antarctic. Krill - tiny crustaceans that are near the base of many marine food chains - are caught for use in omega-3 dietary supplements and as feed for aquaculture. In light of krill fish’s impacts on fragile ecosystems, the report calls for an immediate moratorium on krill fishing; for retailers to phase out the use of wild-caught fish, including krill, for aquaculture; for retailers to stop selling krill dietary supplements; and for consumers to stop using krill supplements and to demand krill-free seafood.

Read the full report, Krill, Baby, Krill – The corporations profiting from plundering Antarctica, here. See also the TABLE explainer Food systems and contributions to other environmental problems.

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07 Sep 2022
Krill, Baby, Krill – The corporations profiting from plundering Antarctica
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