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From individual to collective action: exploring the business cases for addressing sustainable food security - new WWF-UK and Food Ethics Council report

In this report WWF-UK and Food Ethics Council outline business interpretations of food security, assess the different business cases for food security and puts forward suggestions for action.

The report finds that businesses want government intervention to avoid long term risk and they are in favour of bold actions to create a food system that serves citizens, the economy and planet alike. Businesses emphasise that the government needs to do more to provide a level playing field for businesses, including allowing them to collaborate more effectively.

The report is based on interviews with a number of senior food business executives aimed at finding out what they mean by sustainable food security, and what the barriers are to achieving it. It specifically looks at moving ‘from individual to collective action’ and concludes that sustainable food security delivers long-term business security. The report also argues that it is important for food businesses to play their part in addressing long-term food insecurity issues along the supply chain; including in communities where they have operations and supply from, and not just in the areas these companies sell.   

Read more about the report here and here. For further press coverage see here.  

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