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IFST Sustainable Food System framework published

This report provides an overarching framework document on Sustainable Food Systems which outlines the areas of sustainability that are relevant for IFST and where they want to engage. The report is written by IFST (Institute of Food Science and Technology) – an institute representing some of the UK’s food science and technology professionals and working to promote the advancement and application of food science and technology.

The framework is intended to guide the development of further, more specific outcomes that IFST can drive or support. With this framework the IFST believes it is well placed to bring focus to important aspects of developing sustainable food systems. Working in partnerships, IFST states that it will concentrate on elements most relevant to its members and for the benefit, safety and health of the public, focussing on the food science, technology and evidence, particularly in important areas that are less well covered by other organisations. 

Read the full report here.

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