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Hot Food Takeaways: Planning healthier communities

This report from UK NGO Sustain is a guide for both local and national policymakers. It argues that controlling hot food takeaway outlets (e.g. fish and chip shops, kebab shops, burger bars) through planning laws, e.g. by limiting the number of outlets near schools, can help to promote public health. 

Suggestions in the report include:

  • Use the local planning system to actively improve access to healthier food, e.g. by offering lower business tax rates to takeaways that offer healthier food
  • Consider introducing licenses to sell foods high in fat, salt or sugar
  • Consider restricting opening hours for hot food takeaways
  • Consider restricting the hours during which certain foods can be sold to children

Download the full report, Hot Food Takeaways: Planning a route to healthier communities, here. See also the Foodsource building block What is the nutrition transition?

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