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The Governance of Agriculture in Post-Brexit UK

The Governance of Agriculture in Post-Brexit UK

This book discusses how the governance of British agriculture will be affected by the UK’s exit from the European Union. It looks at profitability, farmers’ rights, environmental protection and animal welfare.

Publisher’s summary

This book provides a multidisciplinary analysis of the impact of Brexit on British agriculture and associated areas, discussing the Common Agricultural Policy and the Agriculture Act 2020.

The Brexit referendum provoked new debates and questions over the future of agriculture in Britain and the potential positive and negative impacts of Brexit on both farmers and consumers. These debates, as well as the ensuing proposals relevant to the Agriculture Act 2020, have exposed the multidimensional effects of Brexit when it comes to agriculture. With a focus on profitability, the rights of farmers, environmental protection, as well as animal welfare, this book brings together an interdisciplinary analysis of the future of British agriculture in post-Brexit Britain. More specifically, it addresses the criticisms over the Common Agriculture Policy, presents an analysis of the Agriculture Act 2020, and considers suggestions for future developments. Through this analysis, the book suggests a way towards the future, with a positive outlook towards a competitive and sustainable agriculture that will satisfy the needs of farmers and consumers while ensuring environmental protection, animal welfare, and rural development.

This book will be of great interest to students and scholars of food and agricultural policy and politics, agroecology and rural development, as well as policymakers involved in Britain’s post-Brexit environmental policy.



Antonopoulos, I., Bell, M., Čavoški, A. and Petetin, L. (eds.)(2022). The Governance of Agriculture in Post-Brexit UK. Routledge, Abingdon.

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