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Fresh Start: A framework for healthy and sustainable diets

This report by the UK Health Forum argues that the UK’s current food system does not support the UK government’s healthy eating goals. For example, many subsidies support animals products and relatively few support fruit, vegetables and pulses, while healthy foods often cost more than unhealthy foods.

This is a three-part report:

  1. Recommendations for action outlines a 10-point framework that could be supported within a joined-up UK-wide healthy and sustainable Agriculture Bill and food system policy
  2. Policy options review analyses the evidence across 40 food system actions, from farm- to-fork, which have been implemented around the world
  3. Situational analysis examines how food and alcohol production and consumption patterns compare to official recommendations, and their impacts on health and the environment

Read more here and read the press release here. See also the Foodsource resource What are the synergies and trade offs and overall implications for health?

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