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Food waste in Dutch households in 2019

This report by FCRN member Corné van Dooren finds that food waste per person in Dutch households has decreased by 29% between 2010 and 2019. The findings are based on measurements of waste from a sample of households. 

In 2019, Dutch households wasted an average of 34.3 kg of food per person per year. This refers to avoidable waste of edible food. In addition, 15.7 kg per person per year of unavoidable food losses (such as bones and peelings) were measured in 2019 (for further discussion of what counts as avoidable or unavoidable waste, see the Foodsource building block What is food loss and food waste?).

The report discusses possible causes of the decline in food waste since 2010, such as fewer households having young children, and food waste interventions and information campaigns.

Download the full report, Synthesis report on Food Waste in Dutch Households in 2019, in English here (PDF link) and read the Dutch project page here. See also the Foodsource resource How are food losses and waste an environmental concern?

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25 Nov 2019
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