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Farming for nature and climate

In this report, the Nature Friendly Farming Network argues that, if given enough financial support, UK farmers can produce food in a way that both protects wildlife and reduces the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions. The report also suggests that having a diet of “less meat and dairy but of better quality” could be environmentally beneficial.

According to the report, 98% of farmers surveyed thought that maintaining high environmental standards should be a requirement of any trade deals that the UK makes after leaving the European Union, and large majorities of the farmers surveyed thought that nature-friendly farming is important for biodiversity, a sustainable food system, UK food security, and animal welfare.

Read the full report, Farming for our future: The nature friendly climate solution we urgently need, here (PDF link). See also the Foodsource resource How far could changes in production practices reduce GHG emissions?

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25 Nov 2019
Fodder Category