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Exploring a rooftop greenhouse project in Bergen

FCRN member Anna Birgitte Milford has co-authored this report, which offers a case study of a proposed rooftop greenhouse project in Bergen, Norway. The report considers the opportunities and challenges associated with building rooftop greenhouses.

Possible benefits of rooftop greenhouses include saving space, using heat that would otherwise escape from buildings, fresher produce, lower transport costs, and generating local employment. Challenges include making sure the building is strong enough to support the greenhouse, meeting building regulations, costs of construction, and higher costs due to the rent that may be charged to use the building roof.

Read the full report, Exploring the opportunities for building a rooftop greenhouse: Case study from Bergen, Norway, here. See also the Foodsource resource How important is transport? and the FCRN blog post Spotlight on urban, vertical and indoor agriculture.

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