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EU Agricultural Outlook

The European Commission has released a report entitled: Prospects for Agricultural Markets and Income in the EU from 2012-2022.  The report predicts that total meat production in the EU is expected to decline by 2% over the next two years, due in part to the ban on sow stalls. After the oncoming 2% decline, it may take up to 10 years for the EU meat sector to reach its 2011 production level of 45 million tones. The report also predicted that the EU would see its share of global meat exports decline over the next decade.

As regards consumption, on a per capita basis, EU meat consumption in 2022, at 82.6 kg, is expected to be at approximately the same level as it was in 2009 and 1% lower than in 2011, despite the improved macroeconomic context. By 2022, poultry meat is expected to be the only meat to record positive developments  both in share and quantity consumed.   While pig meat will continue to be the most popular meat in terms of share and overall quantity consumed (representing roughly half of total meat consumption) nevertheless the trends suggest a decline in both.

Note that at the global level, meat consumption is expected to grow at one of the highest rates among the major agricultural commodities (around 1.7% p.a. slightly below the 2% for the vegetable oils).

Milk and dairy production and consumption, both at the EU and global level, is expected to grow.

The report can be accessed here.
For an article on this report, click here.

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