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The Broken Plate 2022: the state of the UK’s food system

This report by The Food Foundation sets out the state of the UK’s food system, covering the areas of food affordability, availability and appeal. Headline findings include: the poorest fifth of households would need to spend 47% of their disposable income to afford the Government’s recommended healthy diet, compared to 11% for the richest fifth; a greater proportion (22%) of workers in the food system earn minimum wage or less, compared to 8% across the whole UK; healthier foods are nearly three times more expensive per calorie than less healthy foods; and plant-based milks are on average 60% more expensive than dairy milk.

Read the full report, The Broken Plate 2022: The State of the Nation’s Food System, here. See also the TABLE explainer What is food security?

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07 Sep 2022
The Broken Plate 2022: the state of the UK’s food system
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