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Better by half: A roadmap to less and better meat and dairy

Eating Better has released a roadmap of 24 actions that government, food service, retailers, food producers and investors can take to halve UK meat and dairy consumption by 2030 and to switch to “better” meat and dairy as standard. 

The 24 actions are:

Food service

  • Offer more plant-based dishes, focusing on vegetables, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, fruit and pulses
  • Redesign menus to make plant-based dishes more appealing, e.g. by avoiding the words “vegetarian, vegan, meat-free or healthy”, as research shows that these descriptions can be unappealing to customers
  • Set targets and monitor progress towards providing more plant-based dishes
  • Train chefs in creating plant-based dishes
  • Develop a sourcing policy for “better” meat and dairy, such as minimising the feeding of human-edible crops to livestock and promoting responsible antibiotic use

Food retail

  • Label origin and method of production for all meat and dairy
  • Use marketing strategies to support the sale of plant-based foods
  • Set and monitor targets to sell more plant-based foods
  • Develop a comprehensive strategy to support sustainable diets
  • Develop sourcing policies to promote “better” meat and dairy, as well as focus on seasonal vegetables and consider sustainability when sourcing all products


  • Deliver a cross-departmental food and farming strategy
  • Develop guidelines for a sustainable and healthy diet
  • Use public procurement to encourage healthy, sustainable diets
  • Source sustainable, healthy food for schools and incorporate education on food into the curriculum
  • Use agricultural policy to encourage the production of plant-based foods and “better” meat and dairy
  • Develop an integrated land-use plan
  • Local authorities should help people to access fruit and vegetables
  • Make vegetables and better meat affordable
  • Assess future trade deals for their impact on human health and the environment

Producers and processors

  • Maximise sustainable production of plants
  • Switch to better meat and dairy production
  • Diversify farm incomes by providing public services such as farm biodiversity, soil health and forest cover


  • Evaluate food companies according to their transition towards more sustainable production and consumption 
  • Engage with companies across the supply chain to promote health and sustainable foods

Read more here. See also the Foodsource chapter What can be done to shift eating patterns in healthier, more sustainable directions?

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