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Sofia Wilhelmsson on "Pig transport and human-animal relations" (rebroadcast)

Episode summary

Sofia Wilhelmsson researches a very specific and stressful time for farmed pigs: the loading and transport of pigs on their way to slaughter.  She not only considers the welfare of the animals, but also the well-being of the pig transport drivers. In our conversation we chat about the relationships that humans have with animals; what food systems actors have the most power in the pig production system; and whether we can add incentives for animal welfare and human well-being in our food systems.

[ Transcript available ]


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About Sofia Wilhelmsson

Sofia Wilhelmsson recently completed her PhD in the department of Animal Environment and Health at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. 35 years old. Sofia investigated Swedish pig transport drivers’ working conditions and interactions between drivers and pigs during loading at slaughter transport, and evaluated the effect of a training intervention on transport drivers’ attitudes, handling methods, physical workload and time efficiency. Shes currently lives in Mullhyttan with her partner Adam and 1-year old child Flora.


Publications by Sofia Wilhelmsson

Thesis: There’s no time to rush! Pigs’ and transport drivers’ welfare and interactions during slaughter transport (2022)

Article: Effects of a training intervention for Swedish pig transport drivers on physical workload and time efficiency during loading (2022)

Article: Physical workload and psychosocial working conditions in Swedish pig transport drivers (2021)

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Book: Djurens känslor: Och vår känsla för djur (Per Jensen, 2018)

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TABLE blog: How to support our farmers in the transition to sustainable agriculture (Viola King Forbes, 2022)

Article: What is "less but better" meat? (Kajsa Resare Salhlin and Joanna Trewern, 2022)


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