What to expect

Join us as we explore four VERY different visions for what the future of meat and livestock should look like: No meat, more meat, alternative 'meat', and less meat. We'll ask: What does each future look like? Who supports which future and why? And what does the evidence actually say?


We visit farms, labs, and universities across the world to investigate the evidence, engage with tricky ethical dilemmas, and imagine future possible worlds. Our hope? To depolarise a very polarised conversation.



Cows in pasture
Lab scientist


This podcast might be for you if:

  • You swore off eating animals, you enjoy meat every day, or you're in the middle.
  • You enjoy dissecting complex debates and better understanding the 'other side'.
  • You like nerdy scientific explanations told in an accessible way, or
  • You want to challenge your assumptions about this topic.

Different ways to engage with the project