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Banner for the "Setting the table for COP27" event series with images of cows in fields in a film strip on a wooden table background.

Setting the TABLE for COP27: A resource list

The annual UN Climate Change Conference, COP27, kicks off this week. This year promises to be a landmark year for food systems dialogue at COP, with an unprecedented three pavilions in the food theme. Many hope that this will lead to a greater centering of food issues at this year's COP.

TABLE has put together a list of resources we believe will be useful for anyone trying to follow along with food systems discussions at COP, whether you're a journalist, an academic, a policymaker, a practitioner or an enthusiast.

COP 27

We'll be updating this list throughout the week so be sure to bookmark this page and check back for more resources. 

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Food pavilions at COP27

The Food Systems Pavilion

The Food4Climate Pavilion

The Food and Agriculture Pavilion

Agriculture of the Americas Pavilion



"No More Omissions: Real Policy Action on Land Use, Animal Agriculture & GHGs–with a Focus on Methane" (Registration open to all)

Adaptation and Agriculture Day (Nov 12)


TABLE resources


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