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How to set land-based emissions reduction targets

Forest, Land and Agriculture Science Based Target Setting Guidance

The Science Based Targets initiative has published guidance for companies in land-intensive sectors on how to set science-based targets for reducing emissions from agriculture, forestry and other land use in line with the Paris Agreement’s climate goals. The key components include: setting near-term emissions reduction targets for the next 5-10 years; account for carbon sequestration options such as forest management and soil carbon sequestration; set long-term targets of cutting emissions by 74% by no later than 2050; set zero deforestation targets for no later than 2025; and set emissions reduction targets for both land use and fossil fuel use.

Read the full report, Forest, Land and Agriculture Science Based Target Setting Guidance, here or here (PDF link). See also the TABLE explainer How can we reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions?

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