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Transciption - coming soon episode

Page - Published: 05 Feb 2021
… 01:04 That is exactly what I asked my boss at TABLE, Tara Garnett. Tara is the former founder and director of the Food Climate …

What do we (really) talk about when we talk about food?

Events - Published: 25 Nov 2021
… and how we might get there.  Why is this? In this talk Tara Garnett argues that our discussions about food pay … ideas about what we ought to do and where we want to go. Tara takes a look at these…
City, University of London

Food Thinkers: Is there Food on the Table at COP26?

Events - Published: 21 Oct 2021
… description (via City, University of London) Speakers: Dr Tara Garnett , TABLE, University of Oxford Paula Feehan , Centre … fact that we now take this for granted is due in part to Tara Garnett,…


Page - Published: 14 Sep 2020
Oxford University Museum of Natural History

Rethinking Meat

Events - Published: 05 Jan 2022
… Event date 11 Jan 2022 Event time 19:30-20:30 GMT Join Dr Tara Garnett of TABLE, Dr Jonas House, and Pat Brown for a …