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How to engage with TABLE

TABLE is for everyone. We actively encourage engagement with groups and individuals working on, or interested in, food system transformation.

We aim to bring together a wide variety of stakeholders and perspectives from different regions, sectors and areas of expertise (and some of the types of groups we work with are listed at the end of this page). We frequently collaborate with policy, research, and other organisations working on food systems issues. If this might be of interest, please do get in touch.

We welcome comments, questions and discussion on this website and on our community discussion platform, Ferment, which is a dedicated space for knowledge sharing and debate. A good way to keep up-to-date with our work is to sign up for our newsletter, Fodder, and to follow us on social media.

In addition to inviting people to contribute to our letterbox exchanges and blog, and we also are very happy to consider proposals. So if you would like to write for us, or if there is a topic you would like us to cover in a future blog post, letterbox series or podcast episode, please do get in touch.

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TABLE has launched Ferment, a community discussion platform where everyone is welcome to ask questions, share information, and start new discussions (or join existing ones) about food sustainability.

We have organised this community in several categories or sub-forums:

  • General discussion: discuss news, research and viewpoints related to food systems sustainability.
  • Opportunities: share opportunities such as vacancies, funding calls, etc. and check out the thesis and internship matchmaker for students.
  • Events: share events, watch livestreams, discuss recordings of past events
  • Feed, the podcast: engage with a community of podcast listeners
  • Q&A: post and answer questions about food systems sustainability. Here you can also ask questions to the TABLE team (e.g. about our resources).

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Meat: The Four Futures

Our newest podcast series asks "What future for meat?" and includes 8 episodes and an interactive quiz.

This podcast aims to bring us together on a journey where we can examine our past and our future, our decisions and the science that informs them. We speak with CEOs, civil society, food producers and scientists from across the world to unpack the evidence of four different meat and livestock futures: 1) Plant-based ‘no meat’, 2) Less meat, 3) Alternative-’meat’, and 4) Efficient meat 2.0.

Listen to the podcast >

The banner advertising the Meat: The Four Futures podcast featuring brightly colored cartoon illustrations of the four futures and the TABLE logo


Some of the groups we work with include:

TABLE engages with researchers (and research) from many disciplines, from the natural sciences, social sciences and humanities. While TABLE is rooted in academia, we are not purely academic in our outputs - rather, we aim to connect information to a wider audience in an accessible manner.


We aim to act as a bridge between research, policy and practice, and to provide useful sources of information for all those working in food systems. This includes engaging with civil society, policymakers, farmers, industry and journalists.


TABLE materials are used by students and educators in several countries, both in taught courses, and for individual learning. Find out more >