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Lean, green, mean, obscene…? What is efficiency? And is it sustainable?

Research Library - Published: 18 Sep 2015
… add focus to future discussions. The paper is written by Tara Garnett (FCRN and University of Oxford), Elin Röös (Swedish … – SLU) and David Little (University of Stirling). Citation: Garnett T,…

New Paper: Putting Back Meaning into “Sustainable Intensification”

Research Library - Published: 09 Jul 2014
… and reports on sustainable intensification by the FCRN’s Tara Garnett, her colleague Charles Godfray and and other … doesn’t fit particularly well with the strong emphasis that Tara has placed, via…

Tara Garnett: Three perspectives on sustainable food security

Research Library - Published: 05 Sep 2013
… Tara Garnett: Three perspectives on sustainable food security … This content was originally published by the The FCRN’s Tara Garnett has a new paper published in the  Journal of Cleaner …

PRESS RELEASE: Sustainable intensification in agriculture: premises and policies

Research Library - Published: 02 Jul 2013
… article in the journal’s Policy Forum by lead authors Dr Tara Garnett and Professor Charles Godfray from the University of … the conflicting priorities on occasion. Lead author Dr Tara Garnett,…

Report by FCRN and Oxford Martin School on sustainable intensification in agriculture

Research Library - Published: 24 Jul 2012
… specifically nutrition. The report was written by Tara Garnett (FCRN) and Charles Godfray (OMPFF).  The workshop … might work. The citation for the report is as follows: Garnett T and Godfray C (…